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The Pillars of Dr. Krystosik’s Functional Medicine Approach

Patient-Doctor Partnership

A visit with Dr. Krystosik starts off by developing a healthy doctor patient relationship—a therapeutic partnership between the doctor and the patient. By listening to each patient’s story, drawn from a time-line of their health history, Dr. Krystosik then creates a personalized treatment plan addressing each patient’s unique needs. Patients are encouraged to take an active role in their health care by asking questions, learning how the body functions to heal itself and embracing lifestyle changes. The doctor’s role is to educate, investigate, guide, direct, encourage and protect the patient’s well-being.

Common Sense, Science and Nature Intersect

The foundation of Dr. Krystosik’s healthcare is based on three important core principles; common sense, science and cooperation with nature. Dr. Krystosik looks upstream to identify the cause of ill- ness, instead of merely treating symptoms. Rather than guess, Dr. Krystosik tests the weakest body systems with functional medicine tests. Next, he identifies imbalances in the body systems, and a strategy to restore their integrity. After he interprets the test results, Dr. Krystosik provides the patient with a GPS system—and the best treatment options to help guide them through the maze of illness and back to optimal health.

The Body Heals Itself

Dr. Krystosik relies on what the ancient Greeks referred to as “Vis Medicatrex Naturae,” (the healing power of nature). He cooperates with nature to restore his patients back to health with nutrition, a personalized diet, herbs, vitamins, minerals, detox programs, exercise and stress-management tools. Dr. Krystosik’s ultimate goal is to help his patient become independently healthy and able to enjoy a healthy, drug free, long life—relying on their “doctor within.” Dr. Krystosik’s patient cen-tered approach allows each person to be in control of their health and wellness.

Just a Few Of Many Patient Testimonials

After consulting with Dr. Krystosik and going over my test results, I have renewed hope I will regain a normal, healthy body.

Susan R.

Dr. Krystosik understands how all the systems of the body work together as a whole. I don’t feel like I’m in a conventional doctor’s office where each part is treated separately.

Melony H.

Dr. Krystosik spent an hour with me, listening, taking notes, and urging me to ask questions and to take notes as well. He’s the first doctor who told me he wants to figure out the cause of my illness rather than just writing another prescription.

Debbie K.

I had a very pleasant experience at Dr. Krystosik’s office. The view at the office is unusually beautiful. The 20 acre lake, the Canadian geese, and the warm and friendly care Dr. Krystosik and his staff provided was refreshing. Dr. Krystosik spent a considerable amount of time getting to know me, the root cause of my health problems and my health goals. It’s encouraging to find a doctor that is not just treating my symptoms!

Mary L.

Telling my story with all the details was a big revelation to me. Dr. Krystosik used my story and my health issues to figure out a game plan that made me feel confident his treatment plan was going to work.

Joeseph D.

I just had my initial consultation with Dr. Krystosik and am very pleased. He spent over an hour with me talking and questioning me about my history and explaining the underlying cause of my illness. No other doctor has done that. I felt that he really listened and analyzed everything I was saying. Dr. Krystosik is not your average doctor.

Stephanie T.

Dr. James Krystosik is northeast Ohio’s leading expert in functional medicine since 1986. He is a board-certified chiropractic family physician and completed his undergraduate degree in nutrition. Dr. Krystosik and the rest of the friendly staff at The Other Side of Medicine Health Center are dedicated to drug-free solutions to the underlying cause of your health care problem.

There are two types of patients that seek Dr. Krystosik's services.

1.) Individuals suffering with Chronic Illness (Digestive Illness, Skin Diseases, Autoimmune Diseases, Cardiovascular Illness, etc.,)

Functional Medicine

Anyone suffering with chronic health problems like digestive illnesses, skin diseases, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, food allergies and more, (see the specific chronic diseases) in most cases, Dr. Krystosik is able to help with functional medicine. Some individuals are looking for a doctor to help them maintain their health and prevent disease, Dr. Krystosik can help you achieve these wellness goals! Please visit our testimonials page to see and hear our patients tell how they were able to reclaim their health with Dr. Krystosik’s help.


2.) Individuals Suffering with MusculoSkeletal Pain

Chiropractic Services—Pain Free 1,2,3

Individuals suffering with acute or chronic neck, back, or headache pain, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, or pains in the extremities (arms, hands, legs or feet),


What Will You Experience on Your Initial Visit with Dr. Krystosik

At your first visit to The Other Side of Medicine Health Center, Dr. Krystosik will do a consultation and examination, and determine if he can help you. If he is confident he can help you Dr. Krystosik will create a personalized health care plan for you to reach your health care goals .If he feels he cannot help you, Dr. Krystosik will refer you to the a conservative health care professional that can help you.

If you are new to visiting a doctor who practices drug-free medicine and want to find out more, please email us at info@theothersideofmedicine.com or call 440-519-1766 to speak to one of our friendly staff who are ready to answer any of your questions.

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Functional Medicine

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