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The Pillars of Dr. Krystosik’s Functional Medicine Approach
December 9th, 2018 10:41 pm

Dr. Krystosik Is Northeast Ohio's Leading in Functional Medicine Since 1986

More Than 13,000 Patients Treated with Safe, Evidenced-Based Natural Medicine

Dr Krystosik's Natural Cures

Patient-Doctor Partnership

A visit with Dr. Krystosik starts off by developing a healthy doctor patient relationship - a therapeutic partnership between the doctor and the patient. By listening to each patient’s story, drawn from a timeline of their health history, Dr. Krystosik then creates a personalized treatment plan addressing each patient’s unique needs. Patients are encouraged to take an active role in their health care by asking questions, learning how the body functions to heal itself and embracing lifestyle changes. The doctor’s role is to educate, investigate, guide, direct, encourage and protect the patient’s well-being.

If You Have a Common Problem Known as a Fatty Liver, Dr. Krystosik Can Help!
December 8th, 2018 10:25 pm

A Fatty Liver Can Contribute to a Wide Range of Health Problems

But Normal Liver Function Can Be Restored with Specific Safe and Natural Treatments!

Dr Krystosik's Natural Cures

Lose Weight and Keep It off Once and for All

If your like most people you may have lost the same 20, 30 or more pounds more than once because you keep on putting it back on. If this sounds like you, or maybe your someone who eats right all the time and exercises all the time but you can't lose weight, you may have a build-up of fat-soluble toxins (such as insecticides & pesticides), drug metabolites or waste products of metabolism in your fatty tissues and liver. You may have a common problem known as a fatty liver. This condition slows down the metabolism of fat in your body and at the same time over-burdens your liver. The bottom line is your liver burns fat less...

Many Are Unware That Chronic Digestive Problems Lead to the Deterioration of Health
December 7th, 2018 9:03 pm

Good Health Depends as Much upon Proper Elimination
as It Does upon the Quality of Food We Consume

Let's Make Sure Your Digestive System Is Functioning Properly!

Dr Krystosik's Natural Cures

Americans Are Digging Their Graves with Their Teeth

If your digestive system is not working efficiently, you will not be able to maintain or restore health no matter how much nutrient-rich, healthy food you are eating. Chronic digestive problems, including incomplete digestion of food, poor absorption of nutrients, or a sluggish bowel resulting in the poor elimination of waste matter, will lead to the deterioration of health. Excess gas and bloating can be caused by foods trapped inside the gut and can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other Inflammatory Bowel conditions. Low levels of hydrochloric acid or other digestive enzymes result in part...

Did You Know That Stress Can Be Linked to a Broad Range of Health Issues?
December 6th, 2018 7:47 pm

I'd like to Offer Some Helpful Tips to Help Manage the Stress in Your Life

Be Selective, Get up Earlier and Take a Dose of Exercise

Dr Krystosik's Natural Cures

Managing the Stress in Your Life Is Important for Your Health!

According to the World Health Organization, "85% of all deaths in the United States can be attributed to unrelenting stress!" Chronic, unmanaged stress will eventually lead to high blood pressure; not just brief elevation of blood pressure, but chronic high blood pressure. Additional problems commonly associated with stress include digestive problems, ulcers, headaches, backaches, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, overeating and obesity, alcohol and drug abuse, accidental injuries, and certain skin diseases

Hans Seyle, the famed scientist and "the Father of Stress Research," said,...

Have You Ever Wondered How Your Body Eliminates Toxins? Let's Take a Look!
December 4th, 2018 11:17 pm

Here's How Your Body's Detoxification System Works

An Internal Cleansing Program Will Keep Your Body in Optimal Health

Dr Krystosik's Natural Cures

Detoxification in Two Steps

Let's take a look at how the body eliminates toxins. First of all, contrary to public belief, the liver is the primary organ of detoxification, not the intestines. Although important, the intestines, kidneys, lungs, and skin are all secondary organs of elimination and detoxification. The liver has two important steps to remove toxins.

During Step 1 toxins are literally turned into free radicals (harmful molecules that trigger disease). However, when sufficient amounts of antioxidants and other vital nutrients are available, the liver neutralizes the free radicals or converts them into less harmful substances. The best source of nutrients requ...


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