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Is the Root Cause of Your Health Problems Your Digestive System?
March 29th, 2019 8:41 pm     A+ | a-

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If your digestive system is not working efficiently, you will not be able to maintain or restore health no matter how much nutrient-rich, healthy food you are eating. Chronic digestive problems, including incomplete digestion of food, poor absorption of nutrients, or a sluggish bowel resulting in the poor elimination of waste matter, will lead to the deterioration of health. Excess gas and bloating can be caused by foods trapped inside the gut and can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other Inflammatory Bowel conditions. Low levels of hydrochloric acid or other digestive enzymes result in partially digested food particles ending up in the bloodstream consequently triggering food allergies. These and other conditions precipitated by improper digestion will lead to a toxic colon and chronic illness.

One of the most neglected aspects of digestion is the elimination of waste matter. Proper intestinal elimination is critical to our health. A sluggish bowel (constipation) causes retention of toxic byproducts of normal digestion and harmful bacteria present in the bowel, as well as toxic chemicals from the air, water, and food. Toxins lingering in the intestines eventually end up back in the bloodstream and can trigger illness. Research scientists have linked several conditions to a toxic bowel such as Acne, Chronic Fatigue, Inflammatory Bowel Disorders, Psoriasis, and Behavioral Disorders.

A sluggish, toxic bowel is a common problem overlooked by most physicians. However, recent research scientists have begun to uncover the mechanisms by which death begins in the colon. Mounting evidence supported by the efforts of these leading-edge scientists point to a toxic bowel as one of the causes of a wide variety of illnesses. They conclude that a toxic bowel and the illness that follows is a result of the standard American diet (S.A.D.).


As you can see, good health depends as much upon proper elimination as it does upon the quality of food we consume. One of the scientists that spearheaded much of the research in this field of healthcare was a world-renowned scientist Dr. Dennis Burkitt. While practicing medicine for the British Royal Navy in Africa, Dr. Burkitt, an epidemiologist (a scientist who studies world health patterns) was one of the first scientists to study the relationship between colon health and disease. Although he was commissioned as a physician for British naval officers and their wives, his training in research led him to some very interesting observations while practicing medicine. Dr. Burkitt noticed that the British naval officers and their wives suffered from a plethora of chronic illnesses while the native Africans who worked for them were virtually free of these chronic illnesses. Eventually, Dr. Burkitt realized that the one variable that was different in the two populations was their diet. The natives ate a primarily plant-based diet that contained approximately 100 to 150 grams of fiber per day. On the other hand, the British naval officers and their families ate an animal-based diet with less than 10 grams of fiber per day. As a result of these observations, Dr. Burkitt formulated the fiber theory of disease.

Dr. Burkett’s conclusions were based upon the stool transit time of the two populations. Stool transit time is the amount of time it takes for food to enter the mouth and then exit the body; He observed that native Africans had an 18-24 hour stool transit time. On the other hand, the British naval officer's wives stool transit time was 48 hours to one week. Dr. Burkitt also observed that the average weight of the natives stool was approximately 16 ounces. At the same time, the British naval officer's wives stools averaged only 5 ounces. Burkitt eventually concluded that the naval officer's wives suffered from a long list of degenerative diseases because of a toxic bowel that resulted from a lack of fiber in their diet. The native Africans managed to avoid these diseases because they had healthy digestive systems as a result of their high fiber diet.


Don’t Guess Test!

If you are suffering with a chronic health problem, or if you are curious to find out I you have a toxic bowel, I suggest getting the comprehensive stool analysis test. This diagnostic test provides a 5-page report detailing more than 25 vital bits of information about the gut function. It includes the levels of good and bad bacteria and yeast, it screens for microscopic and macroscopic parasites, reveals the pH of the gut, checks to see if you are digesting carbs, proteins and fats properly, reveals the levels of several short chain fatty acids and much more. I use this diagnostic test personalize my patients treatment plans to help restore their health. The gut is the central station for the entire body. I concur with Hippocrates who  said, “All disease begins in the gut.”

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