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The Goal of Natural Medicine Is to Treat the Person and Not the Disease
January 6th, 2019 9:35 pm     A+ | a-

Natural Medicine Uses a Set of Unique Science-Based
Tests That Get to the Root Cause of the Disease

Why Is Natural Medicine so Important?

Dr Krystosik's Natural Cures

Could natural Medicine Change and Possibly Even Save Your Life?

Although it takes advantage of standard medical tests if they are necessary, natural medicine uses a set of unique science-based tests that get to the root cause of disease. For example, let's say you have symptoms of alternating diarrhea and constipation along with frequent abdominal pain. A conventional doctor would more than likely order a Colonoscopy or an Endoscopy to rule out something serious, like Cancer. When that is ruled out a diagnosis of irritable bowel would be made. These types of tests do not identify the underlying cause of the illness; rather they only document that there is a problem. On the other hand, in the same circumstance Dr. Krystosik would order a very detailed stool test that would determine the amount of good and bacteria living inside your gut, rule out parasites or yeast overgrowth, decide if you are digesting carbohydrates, protein, and fat adequately, and much more information on the function of your intestinal tract. Additionally, Dr. Krystosik would order a special blood test for hidden food allergies.

Once Dr. Krystosik received the lab test results he would prescribe a personalized diet, supplements and lifestyle modifications based on the information provided by the specific lab tests. In all chronic health problems, Dr. Krystosik provides a careful consultation and examination, and utilizes natural medicine tests to determine the underlying cause of illness. He evaluates blood, stool, urine and saliva tissues from special natural medicine tests to achieve this goal. Dr. Krystosik only orders tests that are necessary to identify the cause of your illness. Each specific test is designed to measure the function of organs and system of the body. A few of these tests are as follows: Delayed food sensitivity blood test to determine which foods are right for your body (personalizing your diet), Comprehensive Stool Test provides a detailed page report of the health of the intestinal environment, Liver Function Tests evaluates the livers capacity to detoxify toxins, (evaluation of the detoxification pathways of the liver), Hair analysis a screening tool used to determine the level of toxic metals, Saliva hormone test to determine the level of bio-available hormones, nutrient deficiency test (a blood test that determines your levels for 32 different nutrients) When necessary, several other tests are employed to determine if any body parts or systems have weaknesses, deficiencies or excesses.

The goal of Natural Medicine is to treat the person and not the disease. We strive to optimize the function of the body systems and organs by determining biochemical imbalances or "glitches" that can lead to symptoms or illness. Lastly, there are millions of people who have many symptoms of ill health but do not have a definable illness. These individuals are called the “walking wounded.” Natural medicine can help to identify the underlying cause of these symptoms even though you have no definable illness.

Natural Medicine Reaches Beyond Conventional Doctor's Tools

Conventional medicine in the United States provides the best emergency medicine in the world. We should all be thank-full for our emergency medical care system. Doctors prescribe extraordinary crisis care treatments with precision and remarkable effectiveness. The diagnosis and treatment of trauma or crisis illness such as a broken bone or pneumonia with drugs or surgery has saved countless numbers of lives.

However, problems begin when conventional medicine tries to apply emergency medical care procedures to chronic disease. The tools and procedures used for emergency care are not effective for the prevention and treatment of complex chronic disease. The truth is conventional medicine is failing miserably when it comes to chronic disease. Most conventional doctors are not adequately trained to identify the underlying causes of complex, chronic disease. They’re not trained to integrate strategies like nutrition, diet, stress management and exercise to both treat and prevent these diseases in their patients. Diet and lifestyle, hidden food allergies, nutrient deficiencies, toxins, and other environmental factors are glossed over superficially, or completely ignored leaving the underlying cause unchecked. Instead, doctors treat the downstream effects of the above causes of disease. Natural medicine doctors go upstream to treat the underlying causes of chronic disease. We respect as well as recruit the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself. Instead of treating symptoms of illness, we improve the function of the systems of the body which provides the body the power to heal itself. Natural medicine could change and possibly even save your life.

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