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What Is the Difference Between Immediate Food Allergies and Delayed Food Allergies?
January 10th, 2019 7:27 pm     A+ | a-

Could You Be Suffering from Food Allergies and Not Even Know It?

With a Simple Blood Test, I Can Help Identify Which Foods Are Right for You!

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What Are Immediate Food Allergies?

IgG food allergies are common but much less known than their counterpart, IgE or immediate response allergic reaction. Let me give you a brief explanation of both immediate and delayed food allergies. First immediate food allergies. According to the conventional medical community less than 1% of the population has immediate food allergies. Minutes after the offending food is consumed the stomach is raging with an allergic reaction. Very quickly, usually within minutes, the individual suffering from an immediate reaction will suddenly experience hives on their skin or itchy and watery eyes. Some individuals with an IgE food allergy can develop inflammation in their airways that can lead to a life-threatening emergency.

What Are Delayed Food Allergies?

Delayed food allergies are not as clear cut and obvious. IgG food allergies are insidious and much more difficult to detect. Minutes after the offending food reaches the stomach nothing happens. In fact, it may take one, two or up to three days or more before any symptoms appear. It is difficult and almost impossible to detect which foods you may have delayed reactions too. Fortunately, there is a simple blood test that can quickly and easily identify the foods that are right for you - and I can order those test for you!

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