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Food sensitivities and hidden food allergies are a common occurrence and a major contributing factor, and many times the cause of chronic disease. Unfortunately, most doctors never consider this severe problem and consequently, their patients continue to eat foods that are making them sick, tired and overweight. Worse yet, doctors are treating these patient’s symptoms with unnecessary medications or surgery triggering unhealthy side effects yet leaving the cause unchecked. If you suffer from a food sensitivity, continue to read on to see how our team can help.

Getting To the Bottom Of Your Food Sensitivities

Many people recognize certain foods make them feel good, while other foods make them feel sick and tired.  The sad truth is they go to their graves without ever discovering the hidden food allergies that made them feel miserable their whole life. At The Other Side Of Medicine, we don’t guess—we test! Dr. Krystosik uses a simple blood test to find out which foods heal you and which foods harm you. He has helped thousands of people to identify the foods that were making them sick, tired and overweight. You don’t have to let disease rule your life. Call today for an appointment today to see if this blood test is right for you.



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