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 BREAKTHROUGH Back-Saving Pain Relief
Dr. J's Risk-Free System Has Helped 1000's of people with back pain!
Dr. J's Massage Ball System is a must-have if you are struggling with back pain. This is so simple, you can do it from almost anywhere, including your own desk! Lifting heavy objects is no longer the number 1 cause of back pain. Inactivity (especially with the COVID 19 quarantine) is now the leading cause. With more and more people stuck at home for 8 or more hours per day, Dr. J's Massage Ball System has your back!

Dr. J's Massage Ball System Includes:

  • 1) Two Massage Balls. One to Warm Up the Muscle, the Other to Erase the Pain Quickly.
  •  2) Dr. J's Easy to Follow Guide Book, with Step by Step Instructions. 
  • ​3) Clinically Proven Vitamins and Herb Recommendations to Accelerate Pain Relief Safley.  
We are making it easier than ever for you to feel pain-free! Follow our step by step guide book, and watch the pain melt away! We are so confident if you follow our system, we give you a 60-day MONEY BACK guarantee! So get started now, get rid of the pain, and enjoy life again!
"...the system enabled me to lose 35 unwanted pounds!"
"Dr. J's Massage Ball System has not only eliminated my back pain, it has also enabled me to lose 35 unwanted pounds! Thank you Dr. Krystosik!"
Krista, 35 - Tampa, FL
"...My low back pain doesn't stand a chance anymore." It!"
"I carry Dr. J's Massage Ball in my computer bag so I can use it as soon as I need it. My low back pain doesn't stand a chance anymore."
Bob Mitchell, - Cleveland, OH
"...Dr. J's Massage ball has by far been the most effective!"
"Out of the COUNTLESS therapies I've tried , Dr. J's Massage ball has by far been the most effective. Thank you for the Massage Ball System."
John Phillips, - Akron, OH

Learn from the best, and you will achieve the best!

Who is Dr. James D. krystosik?
          Dr. James D. Krystosik is a board-certified chiropractic physician and northeast Ohio’s leading expert in functional medicine (evidence based natural medicine) since 1986. He is the author of 5 books on nutrition and natural medicine and the host of the radio program “The Other Side of Medicine.” For the past twenty-five years, The Other Side of Medicine radio program was a forum for cutting edge information on drugless medicine. During many of the episodes of the program, Dr. Krystosik interviewed thought leaders in functional medicine, whole food nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine including chiropractors, massage therapists, and more. Some of his distinguished guests were Dr. Linus Pauling (winner of two Nobel prizes and the scientist who discovered vitamin C), Dr. Jeffrey Bland (father of functional medicine), Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Julian Whitikar and many more. Dr. Krystosik is now moving into the world of podcasts and beginning on August 1, 2020, he will be launching the “the Doctor of the Future” podcast. This innovative podcast will feature interviews with physicians and thought leaders in natural, drugless medicine from around the world. Dr. Krystosik will be interviewing professionals who are advancing the burgeoning field of natural medicine. During this troubling time in our nations’ history, Dr. Krystosik continues to help individuals reclaim their health, boost their immune system, and live independently healthy lives without drugs or surgery through telemedicine.

Discover Why Dr. J. Chose to Become a Drug-Less Doctor

     Creator of Dr. J's Massage Ball System, and Author of 5 books on Nutrition and Natural Medicine 
    30 Years of Clinical Experience Helping Over 13,000 Patients Reclaim Their Health Without Drugs or Surgery!
    Former Host of the Other Side of Medicine and Current Host of the “Doctor of the Future” Podcast.”
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