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There are two types of patients that seek Dr. Krystosik's services.

1.) Functional Medicine

Individuals suffering with Chronic Illness (Digestive Illness, Skin Diseases, Autoimmune Diseases, Cardiovascular Illness, etc.,)

Functional Medicine

Anyone suffering with chronic health problems like digestive illnesses, skin diseases, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, food allergies and more, (see the specific chronic diseases) in most cases, Dr. Krystosik is able to help with functional medicine. Some individuals are looking for a doctor to help them maintain their health and prevent disease, Dr. Krystosik can help you achieve these wellness goals! Please visit our testimonials page to see and hear our patients tell how they were able to reclaim their health with Dr. Krystosik’s help.

2.) Chiropractic

Individuals Suffering with MusculoSkeletal Pain

Chiropractic Services—Pain Free 1,2,3

Individuals suffering with acute or chronic neck, back, or headache pain, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, or pains in the extremities (arms, hands, legs or feet),

Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

What is chiropractic?

From the Greek "to do by hand", chiropractic aims to eliminate the cause of your problem, not just mask the symptoms. Chiropractors, use spinal manipulation to revitalize the body's own natural healing process. The chiropractic approach to better health is to locate and remove interferences (subluxations, misaligned vertebrae) to your nervous system. With improved spinal function, there is improved nervous system function. A healthy spine and a healthy lifestyle are your keys to optimal health!

How can a chiropractor help?

Spinal manipulation may get rid of the nerve interference that is causing your pain by allowing your body's tissues and organs to function fully. If you are experiencing headaches, back pain or tingling in your arms and legs, you probably belong to the 90 percent of the population that suffers from some type of subluxation causing pressure or irritation to nearby nerves. Chiropractic care may be your solution.

Should I see a chiropractor after I've been injured in a car accident?

The aches and pains felt after an accident may be an indication that your spine and surrounding tissue may have suffered an injury. Left untreated, these injuries may be the source of future pain, arthritis and other chronic conditions. Symptoms may not appear for a few days after the injury has occurred, therefore, it is in your best interest to the Other Side of Medicine Health Center for and evaluation. What can I expect from my first visit to the Other Side of Medicine Health Center? You will complete a health history form, which you and Dr. Krystosik will review. Dr. Krystosik will acquaint you with the type of treatment you will need and may order diagnostic tests, if necessary. With the use of a spinal exam and x-rays, Dr. Krystosik will also observe your posture and the curve and alignment of your spine.

Will it hurt?

Since spinal manipulation uses gentle, specific pressure, you should feel very little, if any, pain or discomfort. In fact, many people experience a sense of relief after their first visit. There are a variety of methods used in chiropractic care to analyze and adjust the spine. Dr. Krystosik will choose the most effective technique for you. Some of these techniques include Cox (flexion distraction) Gonstead and Motion Palpation Techniques. Dr. Krystosik will make sure the adjustment is as comfortable as possible.

How often will I need to visit my chiropractor?

Some patients may require a short series of adjustments, while others may require treatment for an extended period of time. It is in your best interest to contact Dr. Krystosik immediately to determine the best treatment plan for you.

How long before I am better?

The healing process varies from person to person, and depending on your diagnosis, relief is not always immediate. You may begin to feel relief even after your first visit. However, depending upon your diagnosis our highly skilled practitioners will provide you with an individually designed treatment plan. To learn more about your plan for healing, call the Other Side of Medicine Health Center today. Will insurance cover the cost? Many major medical, automobile and workers compensation policies cover visits to the chiropractor.

Can my chiropractor treat all types of health problems?

No, if your problem is not a chiropractic problem, Dr. Krystosik will refer you to the appropriate professional.

Some conditions the Other Side of Medicine Health Center can treat:

  1. Osteoarthritis
  2. Auto accident injuries
  3. Job and sports injuries
  4. Back pain
  5. Hip pain
  6. Whiplash
  7. Pain and numbness in arms or hands
  8. Spinal curvature (Scoliosis)
  9. Headaches
  10. Tension
  11. Neck pain and stiffness
  12. Sports injuries
  13. Upper and lower extremities
  14. Spinal pain due to pregnancy
  15. Sciatica
  16. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  17. Rotator Cuff injury
  18. TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)
  19. Plantar Fasciitis

What Will You Experience on Your Initial Visit with Dr. Krystosik

At your first visit to The Other Side of Medicine Health Center, Dr. Krystosik will do a consultation and examination, and determine if he can help you. If he is confident he can help you Dr. Krystosik will create a personalized health care plan for you to reach your health care goals .If he feels he cannot help you, Dr. Krystosik will refer you to the a conservative health care professional that can help you.

If you are new to visiting a doctor who practices drug-free medicine and want to find out more, please email us at or call 440-519-1766 to speak to one of our friendly staff who are ready to answer any of your questions.


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