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"Dr. Krystosik understands how all the systems of the body work together as a whole. I don’t feel like I’m in a conventional doctor’s office where each part is treated separately."

- Melony H.

"Dr. Krystosik's storyboard with all the details was a big revelation to me. Dr. Krystosik used my story and my health issues to figure out a game plan that made me feel confident his treatment plan was going to work."

- Joeseph D.

"Dr. Krystosik spent an hour with me, listening, taking notes, and urging me to ask questions and to take notes as well. He’s the first doctor who told me he wants to figure out the cause of my illness rather than just writing another prescription."

- Debbie K.

"I had a very pleasant experience at Dr. Krystosik’s office. The view at the office is unusually beautiful. The 20 acre lake, the Canadian geese, and the warm and friendly care Dr. Krystosik and his staff provided was refreshing. Dr. Krystosik spent a considerable amount of time getting to know me, the root cause of my health problems and my health goals. It’s encouraging to find a doctor that is not just treating my symptoms!"

- Mary L.

"I just had my initial consultation with Dr. Krystosik and am very pleased. He spent over an hour with me talking and questioning me about my history and explaining the underlying cause of my illness. No other doctor has done that. I felt that he really listened and analyzed everything I was saying. Dr. Krystosik is not your average doctor."

- Stephanie T.



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