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Dr. Krystosik is the director of The Other Side Of Medicine. He has dedicated his life to helping individuals become independently healthy. If you’re looking for a doctor who will treat the cause of your health problem and not merely the symptoms, Dr. Krystosik is ready to help you. Because so many of our success stories are patients who have not been helped by multiple doctors, truthfully, we should be called the “Last Chance Clinic.”

Dr. Krystosik is northeast Ohio’s leading expert in functional medicine since 1986. He has helped over 13,000 patients reclaim their health without drugs or surgery. Many of these people were told by their doctors they would have to be on medications for the rest of their lives, or they would have to have body parts surgically removed. Yet today they are living drug-free lives and their body parts are still intact. Dr. Krystosik is a board certified, chiropractic family physician with an undergraduate degree in nutrition. He is the author of five books on nutrition and natural medicine, host of “The Other Side Of Medicine” a Facebook LIVE webcast broadcast weekly the The Other Side Of Medicine's Facebook Page. Dr. Krystosik is a nationally known speaker and the founder of The Other Side Of Medicine nutritional products. This one of a kind nutritional company provides the same products Dr. Krystosik has used to help thousands of his patients back to good health. Go to for more information.

What you can expect during the functional medicine consultation and examination with Dr. Krystosik. Please note the initial consultation and examination could take up to two to three hours. During this time Dr. Krystosik will:

  • Review your medical records. Dr. Krystosik will review your medical records and our long form questionnaire before your appointment.
  • Prepare a report of findings from your medical records and our long form questionnaire. Review the report of findings with you during your consultation and examination.
  • Carefully listen to any of your health concerns that were not addressed in the questionnaire during the phone consultation.
  • Provide a "second opinion” and let you know if he can help you. If he feels he can’t help you, he will refer you to someone who can.
    Identify the underlying cause of your illness.
  • If Dr. Krystosik believes he can help you, he will recommend specific functional medicine tests he thinks are essential to uncover the underlying cause of your health problems. One or more blood, stool, saliva or other functional medicine diagnostic tests may be ordered to identify the cause of your illness. All lab tests, except blood tests are available in take home test kits. Once these home tests are performed they can be sent directly from your home to the specific laboratories Dr. Krystosik recommends. If blood tests are ordered, blood draws can be arranged in your local area).
  • Develop a personalized natural treatment plan for you. No two people are alike. Even two people with the same illness can have entirely different causes. Dr. Krystosik will customize a treatment plan for you based on your complete history, blood tests and any other lab tests you provided before the consultation, plus your diet and lifestyle factors. If Dr. Krystosik finds it necessary to order any additional laboratory tests, once the test results are back he will personalize an eating strategy and supplement plan for you.
  • Help reduce or eliminate your dependence on medications.

To schedule an appointment by phone, call (440) 519-1766; leave your name, telephone number, your chief health concern and the best time to have one of our representatives get back to you. Please be sure to give a couple options for the best time to reach you by telephone. We will only attempt to reach you three times, so be sure to provide the best times to call you back. You can also send an email to: and type in CONSULTATION in the subject.

(Please note that the Comprehensive Phone Consultation could take up to two hours.)

Dr. Krystosik has helped thousands of people across the United States through telephone consultations, the functional medicine tests he recommends along with diet and lifestyle modifications. Many of these tests functional medicine test kits can be sent directly to your home, then forwarded to the specific labs via FEDEX. If blood tests are recommended we can send you to one of our blood-drawing stations in your local area. If you’re looking for safe, drug free solutions for health problems call for a phone consultation at (440) 519-1766



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